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What is Toasting with Tara?

Toasting with Tara is a  lifestyle brand that specializes in bringing everyday chic to your home entertaining by providing a variety of affordable stylish cotton napkins and placemats to elevate the look of any table. We focus on tablescapes, recipes, hostess tips, toasts for different occasions and playlists for your next dinner party or while you’re cooking. As we like to say at Toasting with Tara, “Let’s Get this Party Started!”

Some of the best moments happen when you’re gathered around the table with the people you most enjoy, devouring delicious foods, sipping on favorite drinks, listening to interesting stories, while the right kind of music plays in the background and a beautiful table lies in front of you. 

We love being able to make these moments a little more special by adding simple touches such as a cocktail napkin or a placemat to elevate the look of a drink or make the dinner presentation stand out a little more.

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